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Who Am I?

A designer with a ton of creative ideas, with a passion for health & CrossFit, and a love for God and people. I'm a wife, mom, friend, & trainer. There are so many things that I am, and so many things that I want to be. Darla Hall, if you need a name, but desperately just wanting to be love, light & encouragement everywhere that I go.

Create Authentic

Create Authentic started as Authentic Photography. I've been a designer and photographer for over 10 years, but time and passion have moved me further from that occupation with each passing year. I guess I've always been evolving as a business woman. I have worked hard to chase passion. Create Authentic, as a business, has been more about design for the last few years and I still enjoy creating in that way, but things are adjusting. I'm on the chase again and things aren't changing inside of me, I'm just discovering things long buried and trying to figure the best ways to exhibit the discoveries. So here I am again redefining Create Authentic.

Mind | Body | Spirit

I don't know if it's just the creative part of me, but I literally have ideas bouncing off the walls of my mind at all times. I find myself so busy with other work that it just seems easier to focus on client work instead of passion projects.... but that's not good for any of us, right? The best way I know to get it going is to just make a plan and do it. Everything that I love and do can be placed in a category of MIND, BODY or SPIRIT! I am passionate about helping people create an authentic life and that happens when you spend time disciplining & caring for for these 3 entities.

Where to start?

Let's do this!

01 MIND.

Do you have trouble with mind set? You can't stay focused on the task at hand. You compare yourself to everyone else. You lose the drive when things get tough.

02 BODY.

You want to be healthier and stronger. You feel like you've tried your best, yet you just can't get that big breakthrough in your body. Physically, you just aren't where you feel like you should be... and you're not sure how to get there.


You feel disconnected and lost at times. You want to feel God and believe that He has you no matter what, but sometimes it's just hard. There's so much negative surrounding you, you feel like your drowning and that your spirit is suffocating.

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